Anfrage EN

Inquiries & Costs

We will find for you the optimal physician, the best treatment method and the suitable hospital or clinic.

  • Please support us in this fields by sending us your actual and former relevant medical reports and examinations.
  • We will need your complete contact details so we or the specialist directly can contact you in case of further questions. Therefore, please use our contact form with your complete contact details, so we can answer your enquiry immediately.
  • As soon as we receive your complete documents we will start research due to your needed specifications (treatment and services) and will give you information about the approximate costs and treatment plan and the approximate duration of your stay.
  • You will receive all those information from us by email to the given address.
  • You will decide due to this cost estimate and the treatment opportunities and the services when you want to come for treatment.
  • After your ok we will coordinate your whole trip including all the appointments and further arrangements, as needed.